Tax Deeded Property

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For more information regarding State Tax Deeded Property please go to the Board of Supervisors website.

On or before the first Monday in November, the Board of Supervisors will prepare a list of the real property in the county that is held by the state by tax deed. This list shall include: a full description of each parcel; the name of the former owner, if known; the total amount of taxes, interest, penalties, fees and costs, including the unpaid charges of the county treasurer and recorder.

Subsequently the Board of Supervisors shall advertise the real property for sale at a public sale at the office of the board. The advertisement shall be by: 1. Publishing the list and notice of sale in Yuma Daily Sun once a week for four weeks during the month of February. 2. Posting the list and notice in two or more public places in each election precinct in which any of the real property is located or within three miles of each parcel. 3. Continuously posting a current list and notice in the offices of the board of supervisors and the county sheriff and at a designated location at the county courthouse.

For further information, please contact the Board of Supervisors' Office at (928) 373-1010.

This is not the Tax Lien Sale the Yuma County Treasurer's Office holds in February. If you are interested in the Tax Lien Sale please go to the Tax Lien Information page found on this site.

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