Article 3

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100 REVIEW - The Yuma County Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety Policy shall be regularly reviewed in order to maintain its efficacy and compliance with current safety practices and legislation.

(A) Risk Director – Two years after the approval date of this policy and every two years thereafter, the Risk Director shall review this policy to determine if modification is required.

(B) Agency Head – At the request of any Agency Head, the Risk Director shall review this policy, in whole or part, to determine if changes are required.

101 MODIFICATION – If changes in industry safety practices, local, state or federal law require that this policy be modified, the Risk Director shall be responsible for such modification.

(A) Required - If modification of this policy is required, the Risk Director shall make the appropriate changes and thereafter submit the amended policy for approval by the Board.

(1) Should a change in local, state or federal law make any part of this policy contrary to said law, this policy shall be deemed immediately changed to conform to the applicable law. The Risk Director shall then take immediate action to formally amend this policy pursuant to Section 101(A) of this Article.

(B) Not Required - If modification is not required, the policy, as approved herein, shall remain in force.

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