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Copies of MSDS’s for all hazardous substances to which employees may be exposed will be kept at____________________ . _____________________ will be responsible for the maintenance of the MSDS file and will ensure that:
1. all MSDS’s are readily accessible for review by employees of the department
2. a copy of any MSDS is made available to any employee upon request

It is the responsibility of ______________________ to provide all contractors and their
employees with the following information:
1. Hazardous chemicals to which they may be exposed while performing work at the job site
2. Measures the employees may take to lesson the possibility of exposure
3. Steps the department has taken to lesson the risk of exposure
4. The location of MSDS for chemicals to which they may be exposed
5. Procedures to follow in the event of chemical exposure
Any contractor performing work for the department - which work includes the use of hazardous chemicals - will supply the department with an MSDS for each and every chemical the contractor may expose the department’s employees to while working at the job site.

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