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Liability losses are injuries to persons or the property of others and the legal liability imposed on the County for such injury or damage. Casualty claims are tracked utilizing three claim categories Auto, General, and Errors and Omissions (E&O).

Auto claims are losses resulting from collisions between motorized vehicles operated by the County and vehicles or other property owned by non-County persons or entities. Auto claims include accidents involving personal and rental vehicles utilized by County employees in the furtherance of County business.

General claims arise from defects in County roadways, buildings, and other County property that cause injury or loss to persons or their property. General claims are also classified as any claim other than Auto or E&O.

E&O claims are claims filed against the County by a non-county person or entity for damage sustained as a result of the negligence of County employees if such negligence arises from the actions or inactions of County employees in the course of their official duties.

The County's liability exposures are insured through the Arizona Counties Insurance Pool.

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