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All elections are held either in March, May, August/September** or November. The regular countywide Primary and General Elections that contain Federal, State and County Offices are held in August/September** and November of the even numbered years (example, 2010, 2012, and so on). Once an election is called (120 days prior to one of the 4 possible election dates noted above), we will post that information on our Elections Calendar under the "About Us"  page. There is a special Presidential Preference Election (PPE) that is normally held in February in the year that the President of the United States is elected. This Presidential Preference Election is solely for voters registered within a specific political party to specify their preference for a candidate of their political party for the Office of President.
**The November General Election date always falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The August/September Primary Election date is then derived by counting back 10 weeks (10 Tuesdays) from this November Election date. Because of this, there will be years when the Primary Election will be held in August

If the ballot issue or issues are for a City, Town or School District, then links to the various jurisdictional websites can be found on our Informational Links button under the "Voter Information" page. Within these jurisdictional websites, detailed information should be provided regarding the ballot issues being offered. If the ballot issue or issues are for a Statewide measure (example: Propositions), detailed information regarding those can be found on the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office website at http://azsos.gov. In addition, a Publicity Pamphlet or Informational Pamphlet will be mailed, prior to the election, to each voter or, depending on the type of election being conducted, to each household containing a registered voter. The mailing label on the back of the pamphlet will identify your polling place location. The pamphlet will also contain any pro/con arguments filed on a given issue or issues, if applicable. 

The polling place information for a given election is always indicated on the shipping label on the sample ballot that will be sent at least 10 days before the election. In addition, if there are issues appearing on your ballot, then a Publicity or Informational Pamphlet may instead be mailed to you as early as 35 days prior to a given election. This Pamphlet will also contain your polling place information on the shipping label. 

Every effort will be expended to ensure that voting is as convenient as possible for all voters of Yuma County. Due to the fact that all polling place locations are facilities that voluntarily provide us access to the use of their building, the possibility exists that previously used polling place sites may not be available for a given election if the facility does not allow us to use their building for that given election. We ask voters to carefully check their Sample Ballots and/or Publicity Pamphlet mailings for their polling place location.

It is possible that an emergency could occur at a given polling place that could prevent the use of that particular facility (example: fire, damage, etc.) even after the Sample Ballots and/or Publicity Pamphlet mailings have gone out. If this is ever the case, an additional "Polling Place Change" postcard notice, that indicates the new location, will be sent as quickly as possible to all affected households that contain a registered voter.

To contact the Yuma County Elections Department to receive more detailed information on candidates and upcoming elections please call (928) 373-1014 or visit the Elections Website.

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