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On July 3, 2015 new standardized recording fees will take effect pursuant to A.R.S.  11-475

 All Deeds of Conveyance
 $15.00 (Additional $2.00 for Affidavit of Real Property Value)
 All Deeds of Trust/Mortgages
 All Release of Deed of Trust/Mortgage       

The new standardized fees are set at a flat rate, and include the fees for extra pages and postage and handling.

A person recording a deed of trust or mortgage constructed for at least one family but not more than four families shall include “RESIDENTIAL 1-4” in the caption heading on the first page of each document. Failure to comply with this subsection does not affect the validity of the document or the validity of the recording of the document.

An additional fee of $3 will be assessed for:
Each additional indexing category on the same instrument.
Each additional transaction on the same instrument.

Basic Recording Fee
Additional charge per page after the 5th page: $1.00
Each additional indexing category in title of document: $3.00
Disclosure of Trust Beneficiary inside Deed: $3.00
Blanket Assignments: $10.00 for first assignment recited, $3.00 for each additional
Affidavit of Property Value: $2.00, unless exemption number listed on face of document 

Government Agencies 
(U.S., State, Cities & Towns, Irrigation Districts)
Additional charge per page after the 5th page: $0.50
Director of Water Resources Letter: No Charge
AHCCCS Liens and Releases: $8.00

Military Discharges
No Charge (One free certified copy included with return of original document. Future copies of recorded discharge must be certified: $3.00 plus $1.00 per page for copy.)

Affidavits of Labor Performed
(Mining Claims)

UCC Filings
Note: As of 7/1/01 only UCCs with real property are required to be filed in this office. All other UCCs are filed at the Secretary of State’s office in Phoenix. For questions on filings, you may contact that office at (602) 542-4285.
UCC-1 with real property: $10.00
Each additional indexing category: $3.00 each
UCC-2 (Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Partial Release, Termination):$10.00
UCC-3 (Information Search): $10.00 per name (additional charge of $1.00 per finding for each finding reported)
Request for copies: $1.00 per page (request must be made on UCC-3 search form)
UCC-4 (Disposition of Collateral): $10.00

Maps & Plats
(Must be originals drawn on archival, reproducible material. All maps and plats must include a title indicating the type of map or plat and have a place for the recording information.)
$24.00 for the first page, $20.00 for each additional page
Statutory size & signature requirements:
Subdivisions: 24” x 36”, 2” left margin, minimum 11 pt. type, drawn to an accurate scale.
Land within city limits, signatures are required from authorized city officials.
Land outside city limits, Board of Supervisors and County Engineer must sign.

Land Surveys & Lot Ties Or Splits
For land outside city limits, contact Yuma County Department of Development Services (928-817-5000) for additional requirements prior to recording map.
For land inside city limits, signatures from authorized city officials is required.
Acceptable sizes: 18” x 24” or 24” x 36”
Land surveyors must sign their certification.
Any map not exceeding 8 ½” x 14” may be recorded as a standard document or attached to a document as an “Exhibit”. The basic recording fee $10.00 will be charged, there is no special requirement as to scale or material and the document will NOT be indexed as a map. 

Federal Lien Search
(A.R.S. §33-1034)
No charge for persons seeking information confirming the status of liens reported.

We are not allowed to assist with the preparation of your document, to give legal advice or to interpret the legality of your document.


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