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The Department of Public Works is a multi-service agency of the County. It is responsible for the maintenance of county highways, operations of waste facilities for the disposal of residential solid waste and waste tires, as well as the management of capital improvements and assessments for County Improvement Districts.

Public Works is a multi-division agency consisting of:
• Administration Division
• Highway Maintenance Division
• Traffic Control Division
• Waste Management Division
• Vehicle Maintenance Division
• Safety Division

• Administration of Department activities and staff
• County Highway Maintenance
• Highway striping and signing
• Operation of transfer facilities & recycling program
• Operation of waste tire collection site
• Manage the establishment and operation of improvements districts
• Manage the capitol improvements and assessments for improvement districts
• Servicing and making repairs to equipment
Funding for divisional operations vary. For Highway Maintenance Division, Traffic Safety and Vehicle Maintenance, funding is generated through the Highway User Revenue Funds (gas tax); funds for waste tire collection/disposal are received from the State; funding for improvement districts is received from the respective districts and; funds for the Solid Waste Section are received through the County’s General Fund.

Most activities originate out of the Yuma office located on Avenue 5½E. One satellite facility is located on Highway 80, near Tacna.




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