HIV Services

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Ryan White Part B Services/Outpatient Services

Provide HIV/AIDS awareness, resources, and education to diminish the spread of the infection and improve the health care of the community.

Increase the quality, accessibility, and organization of HIV/AIDS health care and support services.

About The Program:
The Ryan White Program Part B collaborates with state and local community-based organizations to provide core services such as:
•    Outpatient and ambulatory health services
•    Aids Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
•    Oral Health Care
•    Early intervention Services
•    Health Insurance Premium and Cost-Sharing Assistance
•    Medical Case Management

Eligibility Requirements:
•    Proof of HIV status
•    Proof of Residency (Yuma/La Paz)
•    Proof of income (if any)
•    Meet the 400% Federal Poverty Level (based on family size)

Where Do I Apply?
Yuma County Public Health Services District
2200 West 28th Street (Room 256)
Yuma, AZ 85364

Who Can You Contact For Information?
Martha Rodriguez, Medical Case Manager- (928)317-4540, ext. 1843
Norman Torres, Medical Case Manager- (928)317-4540, ext.1733


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