Health Start Program

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Start Program is to educate, support, and advocate for families at risk by promoting optimal use of community based family health and education services through the use of community health workers, who live in, and reflect the ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the community they serve.

Program Goals and Objectives
The overall goals of the Health Start Program

1. Increase prenatal care services to pregnant women.
2. To prevent low birth weight in infants
3. Reduce the incidence of children affected by childhood diseases.
4. Increase the number of children receiving age appropriate immunizations by two years of age.
5. Increase awareness by educating families: 
    - On the importance of good nutritional habits to improve the overall health of their children. 
    - On the need for developmental assessments to promote the early identification of learning disabilities, physical handicaps or behavioral health needs. 
    - Of the benefits of preventative health care and the need for screening examinations such as hearing and vision. 

Yuma County Public Health District
2200 West 28th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 317-4540 

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