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Yuma County Public Health Preparedness & Response MRC Unit was established in 2006 with the help of other local and statewide agencies with common goals.

The mission of Yuma County's Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is to improve the health and safety of communities across Yuma County by organizing and utilizing public health, medical and other volunteers.

We are dedicated to establishing teams of local volunteer medical and public health professionals to contribute their skills and expertise throughout the year as well as during times of community need.

MRC units are community-based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers who want to donate their time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies and promote healthy living throughout the year. MRC volunteers supplement existing emergency and public health resources.

MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists. Many non-medical community members—interpreters, chaplains, office workers, legal advisors, and others—can fill key support positions.

Our key partners are Sunset Community Health Centers, Yuma Regional Medical Center, Chicanos por La Causa, Yuma School Districts, DES / Job Office, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Citizen Corps, SMILE and many more.

We provide training to individuals and incorporated agencies on 2009 H1N1 Flu, CPR, AED, Blood-borne Pathogens, Bio-Terrorism. Personal Preparedness, and many more topics as requested.

One means of volunteering is through the Arizona Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (AZ-ESAR-VHP). AZ-ESAR-VHP is a secure, Web-based system used to register, qualify and credential Arizona health care professionals before a major public health or medical emergency.

The advance registration of volunteer health professionals enables the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), local health departments and emergency management to rapidly identify and mobilize health care volunteers. Moreover, the system enables hospitals and other medical entities to meet crisis and surge capacity needs and ensure the continuance of critical health care services.

For more infomation and to find out how you can volunteer locally, contact Yuma MRC Coordinator Michelle Smith at 928-317-4624 or by e-mail: .

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