About Us:

Facilities Management provides quality service by assisting Yuma County agencies in work area remodeling projects, facilities management, custodial services, and grounds maintenance.

Our department continuously inspects structures and equipment and responds with the necessary resources to maintain a safe environment for employees and the public. We also work closely with the Capital Improvements Program to assist in the development of new facilities.


Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide on-going maintenance, repair and janitorial services of County owned and leased building and grounds for the maximum occupancy life, facility efficiency, a suitable work environment for our employees, and to compliment and aesthetically enhance the community in which they are located.


Facilities Management - Strategic Initiatives

1. Provide quality customer service for all aspects of facilities maintenance to include:

a. Minimal response time to maintenance request

b. Thorough analysis of needed materials and labor

c. Prompt action with feedback to customer

d. Quality results


2. Create a culture of continuous improvement in all maintenance operations:

a. Reduce operational costs as a department

b. Maximize lifespan of facilities and equipment

c. Utilize staff as efficiently as possible


3. Perform long-range facilities planning for capital  improvement projects:

a. Maintain/update facilities assessments to track condition of facilities and equipment

b. Effectively manage all projects to ensure best results


4. Manage county's Energy and Utilities consumption and expenditures:

a. Develop/update County Energy Policy

b. Raise awareness with County employees as to how to reduce energy use

c. Maintain database to track use and results of improvement projects

d. Continuously seek ways to reduce consumption/sots

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