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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I haven't received my raise...what's the holdup?

  • Who should I be calling in Accounts Payable?

  • What is the deadline to have my invoices in to Finance? When will those be paid?

  • What is the life cycle of an invoice?

  • Where is my payment?

  • What is Yuma County’s Tax Identification Number?

  • I need training on AP Inquiry and/or the County Procurement Cards Reconciliation Tool, who do I call?

  • How can I get a budget performance or account analysis report?

  • Is there a report that I can produce that has not been available to me or I have not been aware of?

  • Are there places in the system where I can drill down to the original entry?

  • How can I be included on your Procurement list (How can I subscribe to your vendor/biding list)?

  • Purchasing requirements (What do I need to do to purchase “X” equipment or service)?

  • Where can I get a copy of Yuma County Purchasing Policies?

  • What is a CAAR (formerly FAAR) form?

  • Where do I obtain a blank CAAR (formerly FAAR) form?

  • How can I start a direct deposit? How long does it take to start? Can I deposit to more than one account or bank?

  • How do I change my tax withholdings? How often can I change them?

  • When will I get my W-2?

  • How and when do I receive my paycheck or direct deposit pay stub?

  • What reports are available through the Grants module?

  • How do I reconcile my grants to the General Ledger?

  • What is a Miscellaneous Receipt?

  • What is a (Cash) Standard Receipt?

  • How do I fill out and process a Treasurer’s Receipt

  • How do I correct a Treasurer’s Receipt (TR) once it has been entered?

  • Where do we obtain Treasurer’s Receipts (TR)?

  • Who do I contact in the General Ledger Team when I have problems?

  • How do I request a correction be made to items posted to the general ledger?

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