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Department Name

O'Donnell, Emilia
Administration Building
Rojas, Annie Administration Building
Ibarra, Jaime Adult Probation
Salisbury, Anita Adult Probation
Torres, Jessica Adult Probation
Torres, Robert Adult Probation
Villegas, Donnet Adult Probation
Clarkson, Victoria Assessor
Rudy Acosta Aztec School
Teran, Sylvia Aztec School
Doten, Desarae Board of Supervisors
Federico, Dunia Board of Supervisors
Hamilton, Ginger Board of Supervisors
Isbell, Christy Board of Supervisors
Joslin, Cindy Board of Supervisors
Villaneda, Barbara Board of Supervisors
Aquino, Salvador Community Health Association
Alcorn, Teresa County Attorney
Campos, Diana County Attorney
Kuechel, Rosie County Attorney
Salazar, Eva County Attorney
Smith, Delores County Attorney
Villegas, Emmanuel County Attorney
Baisi, Cynthia Dept of Developmental Services
Bustos Mendez, Roberto Dept of Developmental Services
Camacho, Michelle Dept of Developmental Services
Collins, Regina Dept of Developmental Services
Cuellar, Dulce Dept of Developmental Services
Duarte, Lucia Dept of Developmental Services
Hall-Guerra, Katherine Dept of Developmental Services
Jardine, Amber Dept of Developmental Services
Ortiz, Priscilla Dept of Developmental Services
Perez Vizcarra, Irma Dept of Developmental Services
Cooper, Michael Detention Center
Detention1 Detention Center
Hernandez, Henry Detention Center
Villarreal, Richard Detention Center
Alexandre, David Elections
Guzman, Kika Elections
Sanchez, Laura Elections
Badilla, Tony Emergency Management
Booher, Stephanie Emergency Management
Harlow-Smith, Lynn Emergency Management
Ramdass, Tricia Emergency Management
Canela, LIz Finacial Services
Mendez, Brenda Finacial Services
Bowen, Renae Foothills Substation
Montano, Mayra Health
Pacheco, Uriel Health
Diaz, Barbara Health
Gomez, Diana Health
Megui, Johanna Health
Sanchez, Yessenia Health
Arciniega, Jessica Human Resources
Castilllo, Sandra Human Resources
Chavez, Oscar Human Resources
Escalante, Monica Human Resources
Fimbres-Ruiz, Bethzayra Human Resources
Jaramillo, Alejandra Human Resources
Ramirez, Rayna Human Resources
Burreson, Kaitlin Information Technology
Nunez, Roxanna Information Technology
Summers, Clif Information Technology
Banuelos, Isabel Judicial Assistance Unit
Hines, Lawrence Justice Center
Miller, Rosa Justice Center
Perez, Luis Justice Center
Flores, Ofelia Justice Court
Northcutt, Susan Justice of the Peace #1
Harper, Scarlett Justice of the Peace #2-San Luis
Samaniego, Minnie Justice of the Peace #2-San Luis
Curiel, Reyna Justice of the Peace #3-Welton
Herrera, Reyna Justice of the Peace #3-Welton
Berumen, Mary Juvenile Court
White, Robbi Juvenile Court
Fazz, Cesar Juvenile Detention
Rader, Grant Juvenile Detention
Sherman, David Juvenile Detention
Bell, Michael Juvenile Justice Center
Carrasco, Africa Juvenile Justice Center
Eslinger, Mike Juvenile Justice Center
Eslinger, Mike Juvenile Justice Center
Estrada, Beatriz Juvenile Justice Center
Hamby, Karen Juvenile Justice Center
Hooker, Rose Juvenile Justice Center
Mendez, Leo Juvenile Justice Center
Roman, Emma Juvenile Justice Center
Salcido, Daniel Juvenile Justice Center
Ibarra, Veronica Legal Defender's
Flores, Nallely Public Defender's
Magdaleno, Susana Public Defender's
DuShane, Jessica Public Fiduciary
Valenzuela, Marcela Public Fiduciary
Escalante, Joe Public Works
Fricke, Kelly Public Works
Gann, Danny Public Works
Garcia Lee, Irma Public Works
Moody, Zarmineh Public Works
Ontiveros, Erik Public Works
Phipps, Jason Public Works
Rivera, Louie Public Works
Rivera, Reynaldo Public Works
Rodriguez, Richard Public Works
Ruiz, Leonel Public Works
Thomas, Shannon Public Works
Troy, Nicole Public Works
Howard, Sarah Recorder
Madsen, Nohyra Recorder
Vasquez, Norma Recorder
Gunderman, Shannon Risk Management
Hendrick, Amanda Risk Management
Garcia, Ashley School Superintendent
Kautzer, Cristal School Superintendent
Marquez, Carolyn School Superintendent
Oberosler, Robert Sheriff Patrol
Alavez, Nidia Sheriff's Office
Aldaco, Jose Sheriff's Office
Alvarado, Adriana Sheriff's Office
Amadisto, Israel Sheriff's Office
Amezcua, Anna Sheriff's Office
Arriola, Roberto Sheriff's Office
Blake, Autumn Sheriff's Office
Butler, Jessie Sheriff's Office
Davis, Jeff Sheriff's Office
Duarte, Ana Sheriff's Office
Garcia Rangel, Margarita Sheriff's Office
Garcia, Raul Sheriff's Office
Gomez, Tristan Sheriff's Office
Guerrero, Edgar Sheriff's Office
Harper, Eldee Sheriff's Office
Hennings, Louise Sheriff's Office
Hernandez, Javier Sheriff's Office
Hodges, Carolina Sheriff's Office
Juarez, Alfredo Sheriff's Office
Lackie, Joe Sheriff's Office
Lehr, Jack Sheriff's Office
McGuire, Cindy Sheriff's Office
Munoz, Patricia Sheriff's Office
Ordway, Jeff Sheriff's Office
Ortiz, Oscar Sheriff's Office
Perez, Francisco Sheriff's Office
Platt, Brenda Sheriff's Office
Pruitt, Sandra Sheriff's Office
Quintana, Jerry Sheriff's Office
Quiroz, Virginia Sheriff's Office
Rendon, Ramon Sheriff's Office
Sanchez, Martin Sheriff's Office
Sanchez, Pete Sheriff's Office
Sanders, Kenneth Sheriff's Office
Thomas, Kenneth Sheriff's Office
Vasquez, Veronica Sheriff's Office
Walker, Wendell Sheriff's Office
Zavala, Alfonso Sheriff's Office
Griego, Michael Superior Court
Soto, Maria Superior Court
Bucsko, Theresa Treasurer
Candela, Lupita Treasurer
Moreno, Angela Treasurer
Valenzuela, Vanessa Treasurer

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