Collaborate with other County Agency Heads to prepare and analyze damage assessments following disasters or emergencies. Conduct surveys to determine the types of emergency related needs to be addressed in emergency planning. Consult with officials of local and area governments, schools, hospitals, and other institutions to determine needs and capabilities in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. Coordinate disaster response or crisis management activities (ordering evacuations, opening public shelters, implementing special needs programs). Develop and maintain liaisons with cities, County departments, military, state emergency management agency, and similar entities in order to facilitate plan development, response effort coordination, and exchange of personnel and equipment. Test and evaluate emergency management plans in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Develops and maintains an effective warning system network, including devices and communications equipment. Keep informed of activities/changes that affect likelihood of an emergency, as well as those that may impact response efforts. Keep informed of federal, state and local regulations affecting emergency plans, making adjustments accordingly.


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