Building Code Advisory Board

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This Board determines the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, and provides reasonable interpretations of the building code, and consists of at least five members, but never more than seven. The Yuma County Board of Supervisors appoints the members to a four year term and, if more than 5 members serve, the additional members may be engaged in the construction and design industry. Each member should have substantial experience in their industry.

The Board is required to have members from the following categories who are qualified and residents of the County:

  • An architect licensed in the State of Arizona;
  • A professional engineer licensed in the State of Arizona;
  • A general contractor licensed in the State of Arizona;
  • A person representing the public and a resident of the county; and
  • A person engaged in the electrical, mechanical or plumbing trade.


  • Chris Thompson, Chairman
  • Bob O'Neal, Vice Chairman
  • Fowler Malone
  • Scott Spencer
  • Ralph "Tim" Beckett

Meetings are held on an "as needed" basis.

For more information please contact:
Pat Headington, Chief Building Official,
Department of Development Services
2351 W. 26th St., Yuma, AZ, (928) 817-5000.

Legal authority: Arizona Revised Statutes §11-862

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