Planning & Zoning Division FAQ

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Planning & Zoning Division FAQ

  • Board/Commission Actions: Where do I find previous actions taken during the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment Hearings?

  • Complaints: How do I file a complaint about junk, stored vehicles, weeds, or other zoning-related violations?

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment: What is it?

  • County Roads: Naming or renaming a county road.

  • Development Standards: What governs the development of my property?

  • Land Use: What is the land use for a property?

  • Military Air Base: Information on property development in the vicinity of a military air base.

  • Permitted Uses: Where do I find the permitted uses for my property?

  • Property Addresses: How to establish or readdress property.

  • Public Records Request: How do I obtain general information or residential and commercial property information?

  • Rezoning Action: What is it?

  • Special Use Permit: What is it?

  • Subdivision Plat: What is it?

  • The 2010 Comprehensive Plan: Where can I access a copy?

  • The 2020 Comprehensive Plan: Where can I find information about it?

  • The Joint Land Use Plan: Where can I access a copy?

  • The Zoning Ordinance: Where can I access it and how much does a hard copy cost?

  • Variance: What is a variance and how do I apply for one?

  • Zoning: How do I find out the zoning for my property?

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