Engineering Division FAQ

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Engineering Division FAQ

  • Abandon a section of county road right-of-way being used - what is the process?

  • Access easement - where can I obtain information?

  • Add a stop sign or traffic signal at an intersection - what is the process?

  • Capital Improvement Plan - where can I review it?

  • Car abandoned in the right-or-way or alley - who should I contact?

  • Close a neighborhood street for a special event - do I need a permit, and where can I get one?

  • Driveway access - is more than one allowed?

  • Driveway and gate in the side yard of corner lot - is this permitted?

  • Driveway requirements - what are they?

  • Improvement districts for street lights, sidewalks, sewer, water, road paving, etc. - how is one formed?

  • Non-access easement - what does this mean and does my lot have one?

  • Old County photo's - where can I look at them?

  • Parade Permit - what are the requirements and where can I obtain one?

  • Public Records Request: How do I obtain general information or residential and commercial property information?

  • Public Works Standards - where can I purchase them?

  • Right-of-way purchasing by the County - what is the process?

  • Road widening projects- how can I find out which roads?

  • Sell vehicles in the right-of-way, is this permissible?

  • Speeding in residential areas - who should I contact?

  • Utility locating and marking is required by law - how do I request it?

  • Working within Right of Way and Encroachment Permits - what is it, where can I get one, is there a fee, do I need an inspection?

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