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Flood Control District
The Flood Control District is under the direction of the Flood Control Manager. The District is administered by the Yuma County Department of Development Services. The requirement for a Flood Control District is expressed in A.R.S. §48-3602 (A) "Each county shall organize a county flood control district to include and govern its area of jurisdiction."

The basic responsibilities of the Flood Control District are expressed in A.R.S. §48-3609 & §48-3616(D) as follows:

  • The board shall adopt and enforce regulations governing floodplains and floodplain management in its area of jurisdiction.
  • The chief engineer may conduct a survey of flood control problems and prepare a comprehensive program for flood control and a five year capital improvement program. He shall at least make an assessment of flood control problems in the area of jurisdiction and make an annual report of his findings and recommendations for dealing with them to the board.

The general functions are:

  • Manage the floodplains in Yuma County in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Prepare an annual Flood Control Assessment Report.
  • Prepare the annual Flood Control Division Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Operate and Maintain Flood Control Facilities.
  • Prepare area drainage studies.
  • Prepare engineering plans for construction and improvements
  • Administer engineering contracts from consultants performing design on behalf of the District.
  • Review and approve subdivision plans for grading and drainage design and compliance with floodplain and drainage regulations.
  • Prepare Five-year Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Provide project administration and inspection on all Flood Control District construction improvements.
  • Investigate complaints received from the public on drainage deficiencies and floodplain encroachments.
  • Review and approve requests to use Flood Control District facilities.
  • Acquire new or additional property or easements for improvement projects.
  • Participate with other public agencies within Yuma County for drainage projects.

The Flood Control District identifies drainage and flood control needs throughout the County. These needs are presented each year in the Assessment Report.

Goals & Objectives
Maintain flood control and drainage problems/needs inventory and prepare an annual Flood Control Assessment Report.

  • Plan and develop solutions to flooding and drainage problems and needs of Yuma County.
  • Complete the projects outlined in the Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Administer and enforce the Floodplain Regulations for Yuma County.
  • Manage and operate storm drainage facilities in a safe, efficient manner.
  • Provide assistance where possible to inquiries relating to flood control and drainage issues.
  • Improve level of customer service and permit processing procedure.
  • Review grading plans and drainage reports and issue Grading Permits on new developments & construction.
  • Require Floodplain Use Permits for new development & construction within floodplains to ensure public safety.
  • Issue Floodplain Use Permits when the requirements have been met.
  • Review and update Drainage Standards and Floodplain Regulations as necessary to reflect current engineering and regulatory standards.

Capital Improvement Projects
Yuma County Flood Control District prepares a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan to develop projects to mitigate the drainage and flood control needs identified in the Assessment Report.

The first step taken for capital improvement projects is planning. Master drainage plans for an area or region are prepared to understand all of the needs of an area. The Flood Control District prepares many master plans and area drainage studies. The master plans recommend drainage projects to reduce flooding. These projects are funded by the Capital Improvement Plan. Once funding is available, capital improvement projects are designed and then constructed.

The Flood Control District operates and maintains over 50 drainage facilities throughout Yuma County including retention basins, pump stations, storm drains, outfalls, and groundwater wells.

Other Services
Other services provided by the Flood Control District include:

  • Reviewing and issuing grading and floodplain use permits.
  • Reviewing and issuing floodplain use permits.
  • Reviewing grading and hydrology for County projects.

Floodplain Maps
Floodplain Maps for Yuma County are available from the FEMA Map Service Center at (800) 358-9616 or the following link:  Flood Map - FEMA  (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Copies of these documents are also available to view or copy from the Flood Control District offices. Standard copy fees apply.

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