Overweight-Oversize Load Requirements, Restrictions and Alternate Routing

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Yuma County requires notification of overweight/oversize travel on Routes other than State Routes for review.

To Notify:

Submit a complete copy of the approved State Permit and State Number via email to:

Upon review, any constraints will be noted prior to approval via email.


Posted Bridges:

The following structures have a maximum vehicle weight as shown below:                                                              

      Restriction Location     Vehicle Gross Weight Limit
 Avenue 20E & County 9 1/2 Street Bridge (Dome Valley Road) 25 Tons
 Avenue 1E & County 14 1/2 Street Bridge 15 Tons 
 Avenue 2E & County 15 1/2 Street Bridge 20 Tons
 Avenue B between 1st Street and 3rd Street 25 Tons 

Oversize Limitations:

Old Highway 80 at Ligurta Railroad Underpass (Avenue 19E), posted vertical clearance is limited to 13' 6".



Map of Posted Bridges with Weight Limits or Oversize Restrictions

Map of Alternate Route(s)



Resolution No. 2019-30 To Prohibit Vehicles Over Certain Weights On Various Yuma County Highway Structures


Point of Contact: Cynthia Baisi (928) 817-5103

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