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Capital Improvement Plan 2019-2023

Capital Improvements are projects that require the expenditure of public funds for the acquisition, construction or replacement of infrastructure necessary for communities. Capital planning is critical to providing essential public services and supporting economic development.

The County has a multi-year capital plan for projects in excess of $100k that looks at the current and long-term needs of the county, such as repair, replacement, or new construction of streets, storm sewer systems, and facilities, including the Jail District, Information Technology, and Community Development. Capital projects are different than operating budgets because they typically represent large financial obligations that span more than one year.

The Capital Improvement Plan lists projects scheduled for the upcoming five years. The CIP is prepared by the Department of Development Services and submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval.

View the Five-Year CIP plan for FY 2020



Contact the Construction Engineer at 928 817-5118 to discuss the status of the projects listed below.


Project Name

 1.9915D  Highway 95 & Engler Avenue Intersection Improvements
 1.0702  Avenue B: County 16th Street to County 18th Street Intersection Improvements
 1.9915G  Somerton Avenue & County 14th Street Traffic Signal
 1.1802  County 17th Street at West Main Canal Bridge Replacement
 1.1505  County 11th Street & Somerton Avenue
 1.1304  Martinez Lake Road
 1.1701  Red Cloud Mine Road
 1.0003  8th Street Road Improvement Project; Avenue D to Avenue C


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