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Zoning Violations - Hearing Officer

As authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes §11-808(E):

A county that establishes a civil penalty for violation of a zoning regulation or ordinance may appoint hearing officers to hear and determine zoning violations. Whenever the zoning inspector reports a zoning violation to the hearing officer, the hearing officer shall hold a hearing after serving notice of the hearing on the violator. The notice shall be personally served on the alleged violator by the zoning inspector at least five days prior to the hearing. If the zoning inspector is unable to personally serve the notice, the notice may be served in the same manner prescribed for alternative methods of service by the Arizona rules of civil procedure. A notice served upon the alleged violator other than by personal service shall be served at least thirty days prior to the hearing.
On April 04, 1994, the Yuma County Board of Supervisors approved Commission Initiative No. 93-32, amending the Yuma County Zoning Ordinance to add Section 1212, Zoning Enforcement Hearing Officer Rules & Procedures.

During a meeting held September 1, 1998, the Yuma County Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution No. 98-66, which related to the position of Hearing Officer.

During the term and except for illness, reasonable vacation periods, and reasonable leaves of absence, Hearing Officer shall devote Hearing Officer's best efforts and all Hearing Officer's county business, time, attention, skill and efforts to the business and affairs of the County as may be authorized under law, as such business and affairs now exist and as they may be hereafter changed or added to, under, and pursuant to the general direction of the Board; provided, however, that, with the approval of the Board, Hearing Officer may serve, or continue to serve, hold other offices and positions in Federal, State, City, Town, or County Department or Agencies or Offices, Commissions, or Committees, which, in the Board's judgment, will not present any conflict of interest with the County or any of its Departments or Agencies or Offices for which The Hearing, Officer is employed to serve, or materially affect the performance of the Hearing Officer's duties pursuant to this Agreement. The County shall retain full direction and control of the means and methods by which the Hearing Officer performs the services for which the Hearing Officer is employed hereunder, and shall review Hearing Officer's actions as may be provided by County Ordinance or Resolution for such purposes as may be authorized by law. The services which are to be employed by Hearing Officer hereunder are to be rendered in the State of Arizona, County of Yuma, for the purposes of law as set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 11-808, and as contained in County Ordinance and/Job Description, and as may be required under applicable law required for administrative hearing procedures in counties or as may be authorized for counties, and/or is authorized by the County, and with such services to be rendered in places within the County as may be determined from time to time by the Board, but are to be rendered primarily at the County's Department of Development Services, in the County of Yuma.

The period of the Hearing Officer's employment under the employment agreement shall commence on the later of either July 1st (or the date of the agreement) and shall continue through June 30th


The County, by and through official action of the Board taken at a regularly scheduled meeting, may terminate the employment of Hearing Officer without cause at any time upon written notice delivered or mailed to the Hearing Officer, with the written notice specifically stating the official action taken, with such termination to be effective on the date specified in the written notice.

Hearing Officer:
The Hearing Officer may terminate employment at anytime upon delivery to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, a notice in writing of intent to terminate employment to be effective on a date certain, delivered to the Clerk at least two weeks prior to the effective date of termination.

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