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Generate and print your Family Law legal forms, completely filled out, using the TurboCourt website.

TurboCourt for Yuma County 

How does it work?

  1. Individuals complete an intelligent questionnaire through TurboCourt (for a $15.00 fee)
  2. TurboCourt generates the forms based on the answers provided to the questionnaire
  3. Individuals print the forms and deliver them to the court (with the appropriate court fees)

TurboCourt helps create forms for the following:

  • Start a dissolution of marriage/divorce case
  • Start a legal separation case
  • Respond to a dissolution of marriage/divorce case
  • Respond to a legal separation case
  • Create a Parenting Plan
  • Request findings of fact and conclusions of law before the trial of an existing family law case. (Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, Rule 82)
  • Request a dissolution of marriage/divorce decree
  • Request a legal separation decree
  • Request an entry of default

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