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Suggested School Protocol

1. If the attendance record reflects 5 unexcused Absences.

2. The school will call and draft a letter advising Parents of the Absences and will attach the attendance record to the letter.

3. The school will meet with Family and child to rectify or clarify any attendance issues. If the five absences are unexcused, the school will utilize a school/family contract agreement form.

4. After the meeting with the school, if the child accrues 3 more unexcused absences during that school year, the school will complete a Complaint referral to the Court and submit documentation of the attendance record and the contract with the family.

5. Once referred to the Court, the case can be sent to Mediation, Diversion or to the County Attorney for Formal Prosecution.

County Attorney Letter

County Attorney Spanish

School/Family Meeting Form

Truancy Complaint Referral


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