Yuma County Truancy Program

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Stay in school--It's the law!

Welcome to the Yuma County Truancy program.  Through collaborative efforts we have created this page to be a resource for our community to address Truancy. 

Arizona Law requires children to go to school.  Failure of the child to attend school may result in criminal charges for the parent or the child.

A habitually truant child is a child between the ages of six and sixteen who has five (5) days of unexcused absences or five (5) unexcused absences from class within a single school year. (Re: A.R.S. 15-803, C.1) A student who is habitually truant from school may be issued a criminal citation.

ARS 15-802 requires that a person having custody of a child between six and sixteen years of age must ensure that the child is in school full time when the school is in session, unless statutorily excused.

ARS 15-803 has been revised to read that "a student is considered 'habitually truant' if truant for at least five school days." Additionally, "truant" is now defined as "an unexcused absence for at least ONE class period during the day."

Failure to ensure that a child attends school is a criminal offense. The consequences may include
•A fine of up to $500.00 AND
•A possible jail sentence of up to 30 days

The Yuma Truancy program is committed to students' success by ensuring that they stay in school!

Stay in school--It's the law!

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