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How do I schedule a visit with a detained juvenile?
Family members (Parents, Guardians, Legal Custodians) wishing to schedule a visit are required to make an appointment. Any other family member must be pre-authorized by the child’s Probation Officer prior to making an appointment. Appointment requests will only be accepted between the hours of 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm on the day of the visit. Please call (928) 314-1823 to make an appointment. No visits will be allowed without a prior appointment having being made.

Can I bring in food or money for a detained juvenile?
No, food and all other needed items are provided by the detention center.

How does my child receive level advancements?
A juvenile’s ability to promote through the level system will be based on both behavior and completion of Step-Up packets. The juvenile must demonstrate good behavior for five consecutive days and complete the appropriate Step-Up packet.

What is a Step-Up packet?
The detention center’s behavior management program is called Step-Up. Juveniles are required to complete a packet prior to advancing levels. There are four packets: Level 1Stabilization Packet-the juvenile writes his/her life story, learns about law abiding behavior, and thinking errors. Level 2 Recognition Packet-the juvenile learns about harmful behaviors, their positive support systems, high risk emotions, and Restorative Justice. Level 3 Assessing Packet-the juvenile prepares for developing a Relapse Prevention Plan. Level 4 Relapse Prevention Plan-the juvenile writes a Relapse Prevention Plan. The juvenile is provided with a copy of the Relapse Prevention Plan they completed.

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