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Detention Education Program Structure

To deter, minimize and eliminate the recidivism rate of juveniles returning to the Yuma County Juvenile Detention Center by providing the pro-active skills necessary to prevent delinquency, and substance abuse.

The program will provide relevant information via, lecture and group discussion format. The program identifies and describe setting boundaries, alcohol/drugs and their impact on health, decision making and life in general and encourages self-examination and awareness in a group process. It also identifies alternatives and sets concrete personal goals.

Strengthen perceptions about the harmful effects of behaviors, attitudes and choices toward delinquency. Improve social skills (e.g. communication, anger, social problem solving.) Increase awareness of peer norms opposed to their actions while increasing opportunities for positive participation and involvement in school, home, social and community.
Build effective awareness with juveniles on the issues of delinquency, drug and alcohol, abstinence & relationships through interactive activities and participation in group discussion and promote change and healthy alternatives.

Topics covered include alcohol and drug use/abuse, STD’s, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, wait to have sex, violence, anger, peer resistance, decision making, negative communication patterns and positive alternatives.

2 hours, 2 times per week in the male pods and 2 hours every other friday in the female pod. Sessions and numbers served varies.

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