Youth Offenders

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Youthful Offenders Regulations

1. Establish residence at a place approved in advance by the probation officer and not change your residence without prior approval of the probation officer.

2. Participate and cooperate in face-to-face and telephone contacts with the probation officer.

3. Maintain full-time employment, full-time student status, or be involved in a supervised job search and community service work at the discretion of the probation officer.

4. Abide by any curfew imposed by the probation officer and not be out of your residence after curfew unless authorized in advance by the probation officer.

5. Comply with the treatment provider and take any medication prescriptions and allow the treatment provider to disclose to the Court and/or Probation Department, all information about your attendance and progress in treatment.

6. Have on your person, at all times, a photo identification approved by the probation officer.

7. Provide your photo identification, true name, date of birth, address, and name of your probation officer if contacted by law enforcement. You shall report said contact or arrest to the probation officer within seventy-two hours.

8. Not associate with any gang members or persons associated with any gang.

9. Not travel past or be on or near any school grounds without prior approval of the probation officer.

10. Not appear in court or at the Courthouse unless you are a party in the scheduled proceedings or reporting to the Probation Department.

11. Not associate with any person who has firearms, weapons, or reproductions of such in their possession.

12. Not associate with any person who is using or has possession of any controlled substances, inhalants, narcotics, or dangerous drugs.

13. Not possess counter surveillance devices such as scanners or pagers except under circumstances approved in advance and in writing by the probation officer.

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