Mental Health Regulations

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Mental Health Regulations

____1. Submit to a psychological evaluation if deemed necessary by either your mental health provider or your probation officer.

____2. Reside in a place as approved by the probation officer. Do not move from your residence without the prior written approval of the probation officer.

____3. If deemed appropriate by your mental health physician, you will reside in a group home or mental health facility until discharged or given the permission of your probation officer to leave.

____4. Participate actively and cooperate fully in a residential or outpatient mental health program at the discretion of the probation officer. Follow instructions of treatment staff.

____5. Sign a release allowing the Adult Probation Department access to all medical and mental health information, including but not limited to, blood level results, psychological evaluations, group attendance, and diagnosis generated by your mental health treatment provider.

____6. Allow the mental health treatment provider to disclose to the Court and/or the Adult Probation Department information about your attendance and progress in treatment.

____7. Take any and all medication prescribed by your treating mental health physician, and submit to regular blood testing to verify medication dosage.

____8. Abide by any curfew imposed by the probation officer.

____9. added conditions

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