Gang Regulations

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Gang Regulations

____1. Have on your person, at all times, a photo ID approved by the Probation Officer.

____2. Provide your photo ID, your true name, date of birth, address and name of your probation officer if contacted by law enforcement. Further, you shall report said contact or arrest to the probation officer within 72 hours.

____3. Not associate with any gang members or person(s) associated with any gang.

____4. Not recruit or coerce others to become involved in gang activity.

____5. Not associate with juveniles without prior approval of the probation officer.

____6. Not frequent any school grounds without prior approval of the probation officer.

____7. Not frequent, loiter or be within two blocks of any gang activity.

____8. Not wear, display, use or posses any insignias, emblems, caps, hats, jackets, shoes, flags, bandannas, shirts, or other articles of clothing, which are evidence of affiliations with membership in a gang.

____9. Not display any gang signs, gestures, or possess any depiction of gang activity.

____10. Not appear in court or at the Courthouse unless you are a party in the scheduled proceedings or reporting to the Adult Probation Department without prior approval of the probation officer.

____11. Not associate with any person who has firearms, weapons, or replicas in their possession.

____12. Not frequent places where firearms or weapons are sold or used either legally or illegally.

____13. Not possess counter surveillance devices such as scanners or pagers except under circumstances approved in advance and in writing by the probation officer.

____14. Not drive any vehicle without a valid driver=s license, registration and proof of insurance.

____15. Not possess any property which is evidence of gang affiliation is subject to search and seizure and may be confiscated by the supervising probation officer.

____16. Not obtain or display tattoo markings on your person which are evidence of gang affiliation.


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