Drug Court Regulations

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1. Establish residence at a place approved in advance by the probation officer and not change your residence without prior approval of the probation officer.

2. Participate and cooperate in face-to-face and telephone contacts with the probation officer.

3. Maintain full-time employment, full-time student status, or be involved in a supervised job search and community service work at the discretion of the probation officer.

4. Abide by any curfew imposed by the probation officer and not be out of your residence after curfew unless authorized in advance by the probation officer.

5. Comply with the treatment provider and allow the treatment provider to disclose to the Court and/or Probation Department, all information about your attendance and progress in treatment.

6. Have on your person, at all times, a photo identification approved by the probation officer.

7. Provide your photo identification, true name, date of birth, address, and name of your probation officer if contacted by law enforcement. You shall report said contact or arrest to the probation officer within twenty-four hours.

8. Comply with all the requirements of each of the Drug Court phases.

9. Not associate with any person who has firearms, weapons, or reproductions of such in their possession.

10. Not associate with any person who is using or has possession of any controlled substances, inhalants, narcotics, or dangerous drugs.

11. Not possess counter surveillance devices such as scanners or pagers except under circumstances approved in advance and in writing by the Drug Court probation officer.


1. Attendance at counseling sessions is mandatory. Only your counselor can excuse an absence if requested in advance. Excused absences must be rescheduled.

2. Whenever counseling is canceled by the treatment provider or the Drug Court Team, one support meeting will be attended in lieu of the missed counseling session.

3. You are not permitted to use over-the-counter medications or other products containing alcohol. Their use will not be accepted as excuses for positive breath tests.

4. Missed urinalyses are considered positive tests, a sanction, which may include jail time, will be imposed.

5. Failure to complete all Drug Court requirements during a given week may result in the loss of progress for that week.

6. Falling behind more than $50.00 in court fees for Track I participants (or the amount determined by the Drug Court Team for Track II participants) may result in a sanction of incarceration. Failure to be current in fees will prevent progression in phases.

7. Casinos and bars are off limits.

8. Unless approved by your case manager, you will not use cellular phones or pagers.

9. Unless excused early for work, or other pre-approved reasons, all participants in Phases I and II will sit through the entire session of Drug Court. All participants in Phases III and IV may leave after their cases have been heard.

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