Work Furlough Regulations

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  1. I will abide by all laws and the rules and regulations of the Yuma County Adult Detention Facility.
  2. I will obtain prior authorization from the Work Furlough Program Coordinator to be any place other than my place of employment. If I am not at my place of employment as scheduled, I will return immediately to the Yuma County Adult Detention Facility.
  3. I understand that the days and hours of my release will be set by the Work Furlough Program Coordinator and will be based on actual hours of work reported by my employer and approximate travel time. Under no circumstances will my release exceed 14 hours per day. My employer/supervisor must notify the Work Furlough Program Coordinator prior to any schedule change or days off.
  4. I understand that I must be scheduled to work a minimum of 32 hours per week.
  5. I understand that if I become unemployed while on the Work Furlough Program, I may be allowed job search for two weeks. I will not change jobs without prior approval of the Work Furlough Program Coordinator, and termination of my employment may result in my removal from the program.
  6. I will comply with the Work Furlough Program Financial Agreement.
  7. I will not use or possess any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs without a prescription authorized by a licensed physician in the United States. I understand that I will be subjected to random alcohol and drug tests as directed by the Work Furlough Program Coordinator or detention staff. Any positive test result for alcohol or drug use, or refusal to be tested, will result in my immediate removal from the program and could result in a petition to revoke my probation.
  8. I understand that I am responsible for my own meals, laundry, and transportation while on Work Furlough. Days and hours of release to do my laundry will be set.
  9. I will submit to search and seizure of my person or property at any time by the Supervising Probation Officer, Work Furlough Program Coordinator or detention staff.
  10. I understand that my employer has been notified of my Work Furlough status and will fill out a Letter of Understanding. The letter will be returned to the Work Furlough Program Coordinator immediately.
  11. I will be charged Work Furlough Fees based upon one hour’s wage per day times seven days per week while employed (with a minimum payment being the current hourly minimum wage).

I will follow all the terms and conditions of the Work Furlough program including all directions and instructions of the Work Furlough Program Coordinator. My Work Furlough status is a privilege and not a right, which may be suspended or withdrawn for any violation.

Acknowledgment: I have read and/or had the above explained to me and fully understand the above requirements and my responsibility to comply fully with the terms of this program. I understand that the Court could revoke my probation and sentence me to the maximum sentence permitted by law if I violate any terms of this program.

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