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The primary function/objective of the Work Furlough Program is to keep probationers employed and self-supporting while they are incarcerated. To qualify for placement on the Work Furlough Program, an individual must be on probation. The Courts must sentence the defendant to a term of incarceration in the Yuma County Adult Detention Facility and deem the individual as eligible to be screened for the program. Furthermore, the participant must meet specific criteria for qualification as set by the Work Furlough policy.

The Work Furlough Program provides the Courts a sentencing option that provides selected individuals who are incarcerated in the Yuma County Adult Detention Facility, the opportunity to maintain full-time employment, search for work and/or attend school. Under special circumstances, some participants are allowed to attend treatment and search for housing.

The program is not an “easy ride.” The participant’s employer is made completely aware of the probationer’s situation. Participants are released from the jail based on the work schedule provided by their employer to the Work Furlough officer, plus travel time. For the most part they are not allowed to go to their homes and must arrange to change into their work attire at the job site. They are responsible for their own meals and transportation. While on release they are closely supervised by Adult Probation staff and also detention staff at the Yuma County Sheriff”s Office.

Individuals who violate then terms of the program are quickly removed from Work Furlough and in most cases, must serve the reminder of their jail term “flat time.” If their behavior warrants, the probation officer must file a Petition to Revoke Probation. Work Furlough participants must pay their own way. They are assessed a daily fee equal to one hour of their wages, which in addition to their Court ordered assessments, is deducted from their paychecks. Work Furlough fees are adjusted as their income increases or decreases.

Work Furlough Regulations

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