Conditions of Supervised Probation

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1. I will maintain a crime-free lifestyle by obeying all laws, and not engaging or participating in any criminal activity.

2. I will not possess or control any stun guns, tasers, firearms, ammunition, deadly or prohibited weapons as defined in A.R.S. § 13-3101.

3. I will report any contact I have with law enforcement to the APD within 72 (or ____) hours.

4. I will submit to search and seizure of person and property by the APD without a search warrant.

5. If deported or processed through voluntary departure, I will not return to the United States without legal authorization during the term of my probation. If I am deported or processed through voluntary departure, all conditions remain in effect except for _____________. REPORTING TO APD

6. I will report to the APD within 72 (or ___) hours of sentencing, absolute discharge from prison, release from incarceration, or residential treatment and continue to report as directed. I will also keep APD advised of progress toward case plan goals and comply with any written directive of the APD to enforce compliance with the conditions of probation. I will provide a sample for DNA testing if required by law.


7. I will provide the APD safe, unrestricted access to my residence and receive prior approval of the APD before changing my residence. I will reside in a residence approved by the APD.

8. I will request and obtain written permission of the APD prior to leaving the state (1 county).

 9. I may apply for Interstate Compact supervision in the state of ______________________and will not proceed to that state until reporting instructions are received and the APD issues a written travel permit.

10. I may apply for an Inter-County transfer and will not proceed to that County until APD issues written authorization.

11. I will actively participate and cooperate in any program of counseling or assistance as determined by APD, or as required by law, given assessment results and/or my behavior. I will sign any release or consent required by the APD so the APD can exchange information in relation to my treatment, behavior and activities.

12. I will not possess or use illegal drugs or controlled substances and will submit to drug and alcohol testing as directed by the APD.

13. I will obtain written approval of the APD prior to associating with anyone I know who has a criminal record. I will not knowingly associate with any person engaged in criminal behaviors.

14. I will seek, obtain, and maintain employment, if legally permitted to do so, and/or attend school. I will inform the APD of any changes within 72 hours.

15. I will be financially responsible by paying all restitution, fines, and fees in my case as imposed by the Court. I understand, if I do not pay restitution in full, the Court may extend my probation. 

16. I will not consume or possess any substances containing alcohol. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS

17. I will complete a total of 40 hours of community restitution. I will complete a set number of hours per month as directed in writing by my probation officer. I will complete these hours at a site approved by the APD.

18. I will serve ________ days 0 month(s), in the county jail beginning____/____/____ with credit for _____ days served, 0 not to be released until ____/____/____. I will report to the APD within 72 (or ____) hours of my release from jail. I will comply with all program rules.  Be screened for or shall participate in Work Furlough, if eligible or Work Release, if eligible

19. I will not have any contact with the victim(s) in any form, unless approved in writing by the APD.

20. I will comply with the following sanctions based on my behavior:  Up to ____community restitution hours (in addition to any ordered under condition #17), as directed by the APD.  Up to ____days in the county jail (in addition to any ordered under condition #18), at the discretion of the Court, upon recommendation from the APD.

21. I will abide by the attached special conditions of probation: Intensive Probation, Sex Offender, Gang, Domestic Violence, Drug Court , Mental Health ,DUI Court/Program

22. Defendant shall not operate a motor vehicle unless properly licensed to do so.

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