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Yuma County Adult Probation has made changes to supervised probation in hopes to obtain more internal motivation and achieve positive lifestyle changes while engaging our population in pro-social conduct and behavior. The minimum level of supervision is for those who have low risk and/or needs as indicated on the assessment that is administered prior to their placement on probation. They typically require little to no intervention. These probationers are more than likely  to be self-correcting. The medium level of supervision is for those who are scoring medium risk and/or needs on the assessment and require a minimum of some kind of monthly intervention with their officer. The maximum level of supervision is for those who are the most in need of our resources, interaction and interventions as indicated by the assessment. We also have a compliance caseload where the probationer does not have a significant criminogenic risk (areas that are linked to committing crimes) but are delinquent in court ordered payments or community restitution. As their behavior improves , the defendant is able to move up or down as appropriate to the service they are in need of. Further, a reassessment is administered on a bi-annual basis to determine progress or potential problematic areas that require intervention and setting new goals. This allows our department to spend time and resources on those that need our assistance and supervision more frequently from those that do not. Results have been positive since we have conducted business in this manner and we are looking forward to another successful year.



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