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The Yuma County Adult Drug Court was established in 1998 by then Presiding Judge Tom C. Cole.

The mission of the Yuma County Adult Drug Court is to counter the devastating effects of drugs on the community and individuals by providing selected drug offenders with an opportunity to achieve a chemical-free lifestyle. This is accomplished through Court-coordinated intervention, interactions, diversion, supervision, incentives, sanctions, and graduated levels of drug education, treatment and accountability.

The Yuma County Drug Court Program is a Court-supervised, comprehensive treatment program for drug addicted defendants. This program includes regular Court appearances before a designated Drug Court Judge and frequent drug testing. Treatment requirements include individual and group counseling, regular attendance at traditional and/or non-traditional, recovery-based, 12-step meetings, such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, or other program approved recovery-conducive groups. Treatment is provided by the Yuma County Adult Probation counselors and overseen by an in-house clinical supervisor. Other team members include a Drug Court Coordinator, probation officers, surveillance officers, deputy county attorneys, special defense attorney, administrative assistants, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office liaison, and a Yuma Police Department liaison. The program length is a minimum of eighteen months and is composed of two tracks, Track I for pre-conviction cases and Track II for post-conviction cases.

A defendant is eligible for Track I Drug Court if they are charged with a probation eligible, felony offense, have no prior felony convictions and are deemed an appropriate candidate by the County Attorney’s office. A defendant who enters Drug Court as a Track I participant will have all criminal charges associated with the case dismissed upon successful completion of the program. Failure to complete the program may result in conviction and sentencing on the original charge(s).

A defendant is eligible for Track II Drug Court if they are convicted of a probation eligible, felony offense. Some restrictions include sexually based offenses and certain violent or weapons convictions. Successful completion and graduation from the program will result in early termination of probation. Failure to complete the program may result in probation revocation and a sentence of imprisonment.

This non-adversarial, court-supervised, treatment approach is a proven success in criminal recidivism related to drug use and drug addiction.

Drug Court Coordinator Mike Byrd and Drug Court probation officers. 

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