Sex Offenders

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This program enables the department to utilize specialized services for sex offenders. The program includes contract services for counseling, polygraphs, and other treatment tools. The program requires that the probationers pay for full costs of the program so that the limited funds can be used strategically. All officers who are assigned to these caseloads receive specialized training in treatment methods, supervision strategies, offender profiling, polygraphs, along with other tools. The caseloads maintain a much higher contact level with the offender and a smaller caseload ratio to further ensure the safety of the community. Furthermore, the caseloads maintain very strict compliance to specialized conditions of probation that are specific to sexual offenders. The officers assigned the Sex Offender Caseloads maintain a very close working relationship with all treatment providers. Information about the offender are shared and the offender does not enjoy any sense of confidentiality among treatment providers or officers. This is to combat the instinctive nature of sexual offenders to hide and disguise their deviancy. The Sex Offender Caseloads operate at both the Supervised Probation and Intensive Probation level of supervision depending on their risk assessment

Sex offender supervision includes counseling, psychosexual evaluations, polygraphs, DNA, and community notification.

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