Domestic Violence Special Regulations

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  1. Do not initiate or maintain telephone contact, correspondence, personal or third party contact with the victim without prior written approval of the Court or probation officer. 
  2.  Do not enter into the premises, travel past or loiter near where the victim resides or work. 
  3. Avoid all contact with the victim’s family unless approved by probation officer. 
  4. Abide by all Court restrictions, orders of protection, directives, divorce decree and/or visitation conditions. 
  5.  Actively participate in and successfully complete domestic violence counseling as directed by the probation officer. 
  6. Abide by all treatment program rules, conditions and requirements, including payment of any fee. 
  7.  Authorize the treatment provider to disclose to the Court and probation department information about your attendance and progress in treatment. 
  8.  Immediately report any unapproved contact initiated by the victim to the probation officer and immediately report the service of any Court documents, divorce and/or visitation conditions of probation officer. 
  9. If not already completed, be fingerprinted by Law Enforcement Agency, per A.R.S. §41-750, within five days of sentencing.
  10. Not possess counter surveillance devices such as scanners or pagers except under circumstances approved in advance and in writing by the probation officer.

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