Domestic Violence Caseloads

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The Yuma County Adult Probation Department currently has two specialized domestic violence caseloads that are comprised of victims who are intimate partners. Cases are received not only from Superior Court, but also from limited jurisdiction courts such as Municipal or Justice Court in which the defendant has a prior domestic violence conviction. Officers that oversee these caseloads receive training in domestic violence. Due to the potential volatility and threat of violence involved in these cases, there is a high degree of accountability and enforcement of conditions of probation. This often involves no contact with the victim and participation in domestic violence treatment programs. Officers are tasked with exploring with the offender their thinking errors and the culture of violence in which many offenders have been accustomed to throughout their life. If the victim wishes to do so, eventual reunification can occur but only after counseling is completed by both parties and the process is systematically implemented to establish a healthy relationship.




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