Intensive Probation Conditions

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The following are in addition to the Uniform Conditions of Probation

  1. Remain at your place of residence at all times except to go to work, attend school, perform community service or as specifically allowed in each instance by the APD.
  2. Perform not less than 40 hours of community service each month. Full-time students may be exempted or required to perform fewer hours of community service. For good cause the court may reduce the number of community service hours performed to not less than 20 hours each month.
  3. Submit all wages to the Intensive Probation Supervision account. These wages are subject to the payment of all court ordered financial obligations and may be held and / or dispersed as authorized by the APD.
  4. Abide by and comply with any written directive of the APD to enforce compliance with IPS program rules and regulations.

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