Conditions of Electronic Monitoring

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I understand that any violation of the conditions of my probation is a violation of the conditions of electronic monitoring.

I will remain at my residence unless specifically authorized by the Probation Department to leave. I will go directly to work or other destination as authorized when I leave my residence.

I will maintain electrical and operable telephone service at my residence and not change the telephone number at my residence without prior approval of the electronic monitoring team.

I will not use an answering machine, computer modem, cordless telephone, call waiting, call forward telephone services, or any other telephone features at my residence.

I will not attempt to remove, damage, or tamper with the transmitter on my ankle or wrist. Nor will I attempt to remove, damage, disconnect, or tamper with monitoring equipment place in my residence. I understand theft or damage to equipment may result in additional felony charges, pursuant to A.R.S. 13-602, 13-802, and 13-2503.

I am financially responsible for any intentional damage to the monitoring equipment. I will immediately contact the Probation Department to report any known malfunctions in monitoring equipment placed in my residence, or attached to me.

I will contact the Probation Department as soon as possible if any emergency occurs. An emergency is imminent danger to self, family, or household residents, or personal medical needs requiring immediate hospital treatment.

I understand that my curfew restrictions will be monitored by telephone calls and personal visits to my residence by probation personnel anytime day or night. I will respond promptly to telephone calls to verify that I am at my residence.

I will maintain employment as approved and will obtain prior permission for any changes in said employment from the Probation Department. Further, I will obtain prior permission for any changes in my work schedule.

I will comply with the Electronic Monitoring Program Financial Agreement.

I will be subject to arrest and incarceration if there is reason to believe I have violated any condition of the Electronic Monitoring Program, or any condition of my probation.

I will not consume any alcoholic beverages while on electronic monitoring.

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