Global Positioning System

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Yuma County Adult Probation operates a Global Positioning System (GPS) program that provides the courts an alternative to incarceration, while still holding probationers accountable for their behavior and offenses. In 2010, we stopped utilizing radio frequency equipment to monitor defendants' movements. Instead, we started GPS with its upgraded technology. With new equipment, we have been able to monitor defendants' locations and movements more quickly and accurately.

The GPS vendor provides probation with technology tools that enable swift action to known violators. An officer who specialized in GPS serves as the coordinator and provides field officers with updated information on the status of their defendants'. The program permitted the defendants' to remain in their residences, to work, to support their families, to continue their education, to attend treatment and counseling, plus complete any court-ordered community service.

Probationers were assessed a daily fee equal to one hours' wages or the minimum rate of $8.00, whichever was greater. During any fiscal year, the GPS program saves Yuma County in incarceration costs. ($206,801.00 in FY 2012).

Conditions of Electronic Monitoring

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