Community Restitution

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Contact Information

Community Restitution Supervisor
Robert Torres
Phone: (928) 373-1652

Community Restitution Specialist II
Lamberto Sanchez
Phone: (928) 373-1680

Probationers who are court-ordered community restitution are required to perform a specified number of unpaid community work service hours for non-profit organizations or tax supported agencies.

COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK is ordered to help probationers:

  • GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY – By performing unpaid labor that benefits the community.
  • LEARN NEW SKILLS – By fulfilling the community restitution hours, the probationer may acquire knowledge about those assets an employer looks for in an employee, such as punctuality, responsibility, and courtesy.  They may also learn specific job skills that help them find and maintain employment.
  • MEET NEW PEOPLE – While completing the community restitution hours, they will meet other members of the community.  These individuals expect the probationers to help them, but some community members may help them in return.
  • LEARN TEAM WORK – The probationers will learn how to work as a team member by completing projects together with others who are also performing their community restitution hours.

Placement, Record Keeping, and Rules


The program receives referrals monthly from numerous nonprofit organizations. This program truly gives the offender the opportunity to give something back to the community and initiate positive changes in their lives. The response from the community has been very positive to date.

  • Good Neighbor Program - assists homebound adults who are physically and financially unable to care for their homes, focusing on yard work, landscaping, and outdoor cleanups.
    Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Graffiti Abatement Program - cleaning up the various types of graffiti left on our neighborhoods and schools. Cleaning supplies are typically supplied by local area merchants.

  • Adopt-a-Street Program - assist in cleaning up highways, streets, and roadways


  • School playground repair -repairs needed at various schools in Yuma County Colonia subdivision cleanup
  • Angeles Del Barrio -assists in providing underprivileged children food and gifts during the holiday season
  • City of Yuma Paint-A-Thon Program - assists in painting the exterior of homes for seniors over 60, disabled, or veteran homeowners who are low-income at no cost to the homeowner
  • Robert Moody Garden - provides citizens, youth, and schools a resource to plant and learn about gardening
  • Churches - assists in various needs for local churches
    • I.C. Church
    • St. John Newman
    • First Methodist.


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