Financial Program Regulations

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Supervised Probation Financial Program Agreement

Pursuant to the Order Suspending Sentence and Imposing Conditions of Probation, Condition #11, the Probationer shall:

1. Provide documentation of all assets, income, and debts as directed by the Collections Specialist or Probation Officer.

2. Sign the appropriate documents to initiate the Financial Program.

3. Surrender earnings within 72 hours of receipt to Probation staff.  Earnings must be accompanied by a pay stub or if self-employed, a copy of the log of services-rendered must be provided.  If paid by direct deposit, all earnings must be withdrawn and surrendered to Probation Department.   The Probation Office will be afforded 24 working hours to process probationers’ earnings once received in the office.

4. Receive a receipt in the amount of the earnings accepted by the Probation staff.  Payment will be deducted from the probationers’ earnings to meet all court-ordered monthly assessments.  Probationers will receive a check from the department for the balance of their funds after monthly assessments have been satisfied.

Probationers must turn in their earnings Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Probationers may pick up a check from the department after 3:30 p.m. the following office day.  If it should fall on Friday, the pick up day will be Monday, unless it falls on a Holiday.  There will be no exceptions.

5. Probationers must turn in all salary wages, tips, bonuses and commission.  Probationers must turn in money orders or cashier’s checks for cash earnings.  At no time will cash be accepted for payment.

6. Any adjustments in monthly payments or financial issues need to be discussed with the Collections Specialist.

7. Probationers may sign a RELEASE OF FUNDS form authorizing another person(s) to pick up their check.  Any changes require a new Release of Funds Form.

8. If a check is being processed in the department and the probationer should abscond, a check will be placed in the probationer’s financial file for a period of 30 days.  If the probationer is not located within that period of time, the check will be voided and the balance of the money will be used to pay his/her court-ordered assessments.

9. If a probationer brings a check into the department and it is returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds, the check will be redeposited. If the check should be returned a second time for non-sufficient funds, the employer will be notified.  If the employer does not honor the non-sufficient check, it will be turned over to the County Attorney’s Office for prosecution.  Any additional charges created by the non-sufficient check are the responsibility of the employer.

10. If a probationer fails to make a reasonable effort to bring his/her payment status current or fails to follow the directives issued, the Probation Department may intercept tax refunds and/or lottery winnings to pay court-ordered assessments.

11. Probationers shall remain on the Financial Program until their  payment status for their Court-ordered assessments is current for a period of 90 consecutive days.

12. Make sure you keep your receipt as proof of payment.

13. Follow all directives pertaining to the Financial Program issued by the Collection Specialist or Probation Officer.

Acknowledgment: I have read and/or had the above explained to me and fully understand the above requirements and my responsibility to comply fully with the terms of this program.  I understand that the Court could revoke my probation and sentence me to the maximum sentence permitted by law if I violate any terms of this program.

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