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The Yuma County Adult Probation Collections Program was re-implemented January 2004 . The primary goal of the program is to improve the collection of outstanding court-ordered assessments. The program targets probationers that have become sixty or more days behind on their court-ordered assessments, including restitution, fees, and fines. Each probationer enrolled in the program has their payment status evaluated and a payment agreement is made based on the dollar amount of their delinquency and their ability to pay. The collections program requires probationers to submit their paychecks to the department to more efficiently monitor payments and status in a more thorough manner. If unemployed, the probationer is given direction and assistance in finding employment. Participants in the program are released once they have remained current on their assessments for a period of ninety consecutive days. In 2007, the Superior Court approved all probationers who owe restitution to victim automatically be enrolled in the collections program, thus turning in their paychecks every payday.

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