Conditions of Pretrial Services

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Standard Conditions of Release (issued by the Court)
  1. Not leave Arizona without the approval of the court
  2. Notify the court of any change of address
  3. Appear at all court proceedings
  4. Obey all laws
  5. If released after judgment and sentence, diligently prosecute any appeal
Special Conditions (discretionary by the Court)
  1. Not possess any dangerous weapons
  2. Not drink alcoholic beverages at all
  3. Have  no in person contact with the alleged victim.  Contact by mail , telephone, email or through third parties, etc. is acceptable
  4. Not initiate any contact with the alleged victim.  However, the alleged victim may contact the defendant.
  5. Have no contact (this includes no contact in person or by telephone, mail, email or Internet) with alleged victim
  6. Victim waived no contact order
  7. Other______________
Standard Pretrial Conditions (issued by Pretrial Services)
  1. Obtain written approval of Pretrial Services to leave Yuma County
  2. Maintain contact with Pretrial Services as directed and keep Pretrial Services advised of current address and phone number
  3. Notify Pretrial Services in advance of any change in status to include: change of address, phone, or employment
  4. Be subject to curfew established by Pretrial Services
  5. Submit to visits at home, work or school at Pretrial Services' discretion
  6. Report all contacts with law enforcement
  7. Participate in any program of assistance (substance abuse prevention, counseling, job search, etc.) at the discretion of Pretrial Services.
  8. Not possess or control any firearms, ammunition or deadly weapon
Special Pretrial Conditions (discretionary by Pretrial Services)
  1. Submit to drug testing
  2. Submit to alcohol testing
  3. Electronic Monitoring (EM): Live in a residence where there is a non-portable phone which is serviced by a telephone company.  No cordless or cellualar phones are allowed or phones with any type of special features or attachments.  Abide by the conditions and regulations of the EM program and the curfew restrictions established by Pretrial Services and/or the Court.  Not to consume alcohol while on EM.
  4. Other___________________________

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