Interstate Compact Incoming Regulations

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  1. Obey all laws. Contact probation officer within 72 hours if questioned or arrested by any law enforcement officer.
  2. Report once a month in person to the probation officer, or as directed. Submit a written report each month.
  3. Not change your place of residence, leave the County of Yuma or the State of Arizona without prior approval of the probation officer.
  4. Maintain full-time employment or school status, or a combination of both, and inform the probation officer of any changes within 72 hours. If instructed to, provide verification of status.
  5. Submit to search and seizure of your person, property, vehicle, residence, or any other place within your control at anytime without a search warrant by any probation officer.
  6. Not knowingly associate with any person who is violating the law, has a criminal record, or is on probation or parole, without prior approval of the probation officer.
  7. Not possess, control, or own any firearm, ammunition, explosive, deadly weapon, or prohibited weapon. (A.R.S. 13-3101)
  8. Not drink alcoholic beverages.
  9. Not possess or use any controlled substances, inhalants, narcotics, dangerous drugs or prescription drugs, except those prescribed for me by a physician/dentist. Submit to urinalysis, breathalyzer or other chemical testing as directed by the probation officer.
  10. Participate in and successfully complete any medical, psychological, vocational, educational, or any program of assistance as directed by the probation officer.
  11. Provide documentation of assets, income, and debts as directed by the probation officer.
  12. Waive extradition for any probation revocation proceedings pursuant to A.R.S. 13-901 or A.R.S. 31-461 et. seq, (Interstate Compact).
  13. Abide by all written sex offender regulations of probation imposed by probation officer. Register at the Yuma County Sheriff's Office as a sex offender within 30 days per A.R.S. 13-3821.
  14. Abide by all written gang regulations of probation imposed by the probation officer.
  15. Abide by all terms, statutory requirements, and program rules imposed in writing by the Intensive Probation Supervision Team.

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