Our Values

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As employees of the Yuma County Superior Court:

  • We believe our employees are our most valuable resource.
  • We believe that probation supervision is a viable, cost-effective method of holding selected offenders accountable.
  • We believe in being sensitive to the needs of victims of crime.
  • We believe that offenders are capable of changing behavior and are deserving of our best efforts to facilitate life changes.
  • We believe safety is the primary concern for ourselves and the community
  • We believe all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe in conducting ourselves in a manner that promotes the integrity of the Court and the credibility of probation.
  • We believe in a style of management that involves the Court, staff, probationers the community.
  • We believe in creating and maintaining a supportive climate, conducive to individual growth, creativity and fulfillment.
  • We believe that motivating change is preferable to forced compliance.
  • We believe in an ongoing commitment to improve our services.
  • We believe our actions reflect our values. 

Wall of Successes: Probationers who have made positive accomplishments

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