Victim Services Division

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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Victim Services is based on a strong commitment to the welfare of victims and their families as they recover from the effect of crime and proceed through the Criminal Justice System. Crime Victims are entitled to a continuum of care based upon fairness, respect, and dignity, as well as to be informed, present, and heard in their quest to achieve justice. It is to this end that we serve.

Arizona's Constitution:

Article 2, Section 2.1 of Arizona's Constitution guarantees many rights for Victims of Crime committed in Arizona. Some of these Rights are automatic and some must be requested. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to see a full listing of Victims' Rights.

When Your Rights Begin and What Happens Next:

If you have been victimized you will receive notification from Victim Services once the defendant has been formally charged, has been arrested or has received a summons to appear in court. Once notification has begun you will receive notification of the date and time of each hearing and when and what hearing is scheduled next. The notification process will continue until the final disposition of the case. When the case is ajudicated your rights may continue. For example, if the defendant is sentenced to prison, the Victim Services Division at the Arizona Department of Corrections will assume notification responsibilities, if you so request. While the information contained on this web page may seem overwhelming please don't worry. You will receive notification every step of the way explaining what the next step is. If the notification you receive does not answer the question you have, you should call and speak with the advocate assigned to your case to get the answers you need. It is your responsibility to keep Victim Services updated of any change in your mailing address or telephone number. If you fail to do so your request for notification is deemed withdrawn. If this happens you must contact us and request your notifications rights be reinstated. You may do this by mailing us a completed change of address form (See link below) or calling us directly and speaking with the Office Specialist assigned to your case. Once we receive notice of your updated address and/or telephone number we will start notification from the current point of the criminal case. Past hearing information and outcomes will not be provided.

Services Available Include:

  • Notification of Court Hearings
    • Mailed directly to your home or another address of your choosing
    • Sent to your e-mail address (on receipt of signed authorization)
  • Advocacy Assistance
    • Court Accompaniment
    • Referrals To Outside Agencies
    • Courtroom Orientation
    • Assistance with completing Orders of Protection
    • Crisis intervention
    • Case Status Information

Financial Assistance may be available through the Victim Compensation Program.  For more information please go to our Victim Compensation Program page located on the left side of the County Attorney's main page.

For More Information About Crime Victim Services access the Arizona Department of Public Safety web page

The Yuma County Attorney’s Office provides victim services regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. You may file a discrimination complaint if you believe that the Yuma County Attorney’s Office has discriminated against you for any of the reasons listed above.  The contact information of entities to file your complaint may be requested through our office. 

Some Helpful Forms:

Victim Impact Statement     Restitution Statement     Address Update     Victim Rights 

Authorization To Appoint A Lawful Representative     

Acceptance of Appointment As Lawful Representative 

Request For Post Conviction Relief Notification:

For use when Defendant is an Adult /Para uso cuando el/la Acusado(a) es un Adulto:

Adult Prison - English        Adult Jail and/or Probation - English

Adult Prison - Spanish       Adult Jail and/or Probation - Spanish

For use when Defendant is a Juvenile / Para uso cuando el/la Acusado(a) es un Juvenil:

Department of Corrections - English      Juvenile Probation - English 

Department of Corrections - Spanish    Juvenile Probation - Spanish


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