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About the Civil Division

The Civil Division consists of a Chief Civil Deputy County Attorney, two Civil Deputies, a paralegal, an administrative legal assistant, and two legal secretaries. Like the other divisions of the County Attorney’s Office, the Civil Division’s office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and it is closed on all legal holidays.

The Civil Division of the Yuma County Attorney’s Office represents Yuma County in civil matters. The Division defends the County in lawsuits, brings actions on behalf of the County, and advises Yuma County Elected Officials and County Officers.

The Civil Division’s clients include the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and Jail District, County Treasurer, County Recorder, County Assessor, County Board of Supervisors, Yuma County Public Health District, Public Works, Yuma County Elections Officer, Yuma County Public Fiduciary, Department of Development Services, County Free Library District, and Yuma County Superintendent of Schools.

One primary function of the Deputy County Attorneys in the Civil Division is to provide legal opinions to county officers on matters relating to the duties of their offices. It is important to have well-researched legal opinions as county officers' decisions have significant impact upon the operation of the county and upon expenditures of tax money.

The Civil Division also represents the State in civil mental health commitment hearings, civil forfeiture proceedings, uncontested adoptions, various special taxing districts and other entities for which such a duty is mandated by statute. The Civil Division also reviews contracts, intergovernmental agreements, and other legal documents for its clients.

The Civil Division is committed to professionalism. Its mission is to provide sound legal advice in understanding and furthering the needs and goals of the Board of Supervisors and County offices and departments.

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