Supervisor Martin Porchas grew up in Yuma County, attended O.L. Carlisle Elementary School in Somerton, and graduated from Kofa High School.

January 1, 2013

District #1 [2MB, PDF]

He continued his studies at Arizona Western College. His parents immigrated to the United States and settled in Yuma County. The family has called Somerton, Arizona home since arrival into the United States. Raising 11 children, his father and older siblings worked in the fertile fields of Yuma County as farm laborers. Growing up in that environment and helping his father on the weekends and during school breaks, Supervisor Porchas developed a passion for agriculture. He started working for the University of Arizona - Yuma Agriculture Center in 1990 as a farm attendant. He now is a Research Specialist for the University's Department of Plant Pathology.

Supervisor Porchas was elected to the Somerton City Council in 2005. He was elected Mayor of Somerton in 2009, where he served until April 2016. As an elected official for the City of Somerton, Mr. Porchas served on many different boards representing the City of Somerton. He served on the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Board from 2007-2016, Western Arizona Council of Governments Executive Board from 2007-2016, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation Executive Board from 2010-2016. Mr. Porchas was appointed to the Yuma County Planning and Zoning Commision in 2013. He is a Board Member for Campesinos Sin Fronteras. Mr. Porchas has always been an active resident representing his community.Mr. Porchas is married with two children.

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